We produce metal boxes, enclosures and housings for electric devices and appliances, metal parts (holders and supports) for transformers with EI core, metal joints for greenhouse constructions, parking barriers, light metal structures, foil sealers (impulse and with permanent heaters).

We are able to offer you complete product development and production consulting and production organization, whether you are in production already or plan to start it. We can even use the resources of friendly companies, our cooperators, in order to fulfill your requirements if we do not have resources, capabilities and conditions by ourselves.

We are at your service for all your ideas and requirements:

NDM Solution

Production office
+381 65 34 54 453 Milan
Dimitrija Tucovica 46 Medosevac
18209 Niš

More than two decades of experience in the development and production of sheet metal products and pipes and profiles lead us to produce, besides our own standard products, products according to you personal requirements and designes.

NDM Solution