Metal pipe joints

Build your greenhouse very easy and simple with our pipe metal joints for metal or plastic pipes. With this system, your greenhouse construction is montage-dismantling and mobile. The couplings are used to join the
arches pipes with the horizontal pipes and the half couplings are used for the first and the last arch pipe with the horizontal pipes as its endings.The construction of greenhouses with such connections (joints) is far solid, strong and more durable to winds from plastic joints or wire connections.

So, there are half couplings (joints) that serve for end arches (the first and last arc of a greenhouse) and couplings (joints) for all other arches. Both types are made of 1.5 mm steel sheet and are galvanized.

The dimensions of the couplings are (82 x 82 x 1.5) mm, and the half couplings are (82 x 50 x 1.5) mm and assembled from two parts. Joints comes with a set of screws and nuts (4 screws and 4 nuts – M8).

We produce joints for standard metal or plastic pipes with diameter:
21.3 mm
26.9 mm
33.7 mm
42 mm

If your greenhouse construction is made of pipes of different diameters, e.g. arches pipes of 26.9 mm, and horizontal pipes of 33.7 mm, we can combine parts of joints and deliver as you request.

NDM Solution