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Standard products

Beside custom products, we also have standard products that we produce and keep in stock. These are metal joints for greenhouses in all dimensions, transformer holders, shields and terminal holders for transformers in all dimensions, parking block…more

Aluminum profile boxes and enclosures

Need a box or enclosure for your electronic devices, parts, instruments or systems? Our quick and solid “aluminum profile box system” will answer to your custom measures and enable short delivery time…more

Wastewater bio-filtration plant

Mobile and modular wastewater bio-filtration system by ACON company reaches so many goals. Can be easy operational for small settlements and yet affordable. Can be set up in limited space areas and rural environments. Can be temporally replacement for existing system while is on repair…more

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What we can offer you

ACON industrial equipment

The complete offer of the Austrian company ACON. Water plants (wastewater biofiltration and drinking water ultrafiltration) as well as laboratory and process measuring devices in the industry such as spectrometers, gas sensors, refractometers, viscometers, bioreactors, filtration systems, chemical reactors, metering systems, API reactors, IBC systems

Consulting and product development

Consulting, production process improvement and development of products of metal, lightweight metal constructions, plinths, housings, boxes, accessories, holders, POS materials and all other parts of steel, stainless steel, aluminum…

Boxes and enclosures

Production of metal boxes, cases and cabinets for electronic circuits and devices.We currently offer two types of standard box construction according to your dimensions like metal boxes steel/aluminium and aluminum profile boxes. We are in position to design and manufacture other constructions types according to your requirement and design.

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